To begin installation, you must setup the code on your developer machine and follow these instructions on how to setup the device.

Start by checking out the source code:

    $ git clone

Before we begin, these instructions assume you have basic knowledge of the Arduino platform. If you have no experience, please read the following links:

Configuring Hardware

To begin, please follow these instructions:

  1. Attach the Sparkfun Weather Shield on top of the Arduino shield.

  2. Connect the SparkFun Soil Moisture Sensor on top of the Sparkfun Weather Shield using the following schematic:

    Soil Moisture Schematic

  3. Once completed you should see something like this (see below).

    Soil Moisture

  4. Connect the Arduino to your development machine using the USB Standard A-B cable.

  5. On your machine, load up Arduino IDE.

  6. Setup the connection according to your machine.

Configure Software

The following instructions explain how our application in the Arduino device.

  1. Copy and paste the mikapod-soil-arduino.ino to the Arduino IDE.

  2. Please install the following libraries using the Arduino Library Manager:

  3. Click Verify and Upload. This will setup our Arduino device.

  4. Let us confirm the device works. Load up the Serial Monitor in Adruino IDE. Once the conosle loads up, type in the number 1 and hit enter, you should see the device return a JSON result.

    Soil Moisture

  5. If you see something similar to the above then congradulations you have successfully installed Mikapd Soil for the Arduino.